Cross Country

Sydney Easts Cross Country Carnival

Miranda Park- 14 June 2018

Start time- 8:15am. Walk the course is at 8:30


Lees/Croydon Park 23rd  May, 2018- ZONE CARNIVAL

Timetable 2018


*** To make recording easier and to avoid confusion please write the age of the child racing on their hands in texta – if they are 8 or 9 in 2017 or turning 8 or 9 in 2017 then they go in the 8/9 year olds race etc. This is one race so please send 4 runners in total (not four 8 plus four 9 year olds).


8:30 – 10:30 = Course set up


10:00 –-10:30 = Children and teachers arrive and sit down on the grass/concrete near the toilets/ tennis courts/ Lees Park – spectators (on map – number 16). Please look for your school label and sit in your allocated area.


10:30 – 11:30 = Walk course 2km groups  and then 3km groups


# A teacher from each school will be allocated a number/checkpoint (labelled on the map). Hence I need names asap to finalise the map please!

We will drop teachers off at their checkpoints as we walk the course (please bring a chair to sit on if you want). Please make sure you make your way to the front of the line as we approach your checkpoint/number.


The 10 year olds will run first so the younger children can watch and get a better feel for the course. Tell the 8/9 year olds not to line up for the first race! This is also what happens at the Regional carnival.


11:45 – 10 years girls – 2km … rough time guide

12:00 – 10 years boys – 2km


Presentation 10 years


12:15 – 8/9 years girls – 2km

12:30 – 8/9 years boys – 2km


Presentation 8/9 years


12:45 – 11 years girls – 3km

1:00 – 11 years boys – 3km


Presentation 11 years


1:15 – 12/13 years girls – 3km

1:30 – 12/13 years boys – 3km


Presentation 12/13 years

Presentation winning school + winning “handicap” school (please bring the trophies if your school won them last year so they can be passed on straight away).


Finish and leave around 2-2:15pm


# Please remind students that spikes are not allowed and that they need to carry their asthma medication with them.


# Each school is allowed 4 runners to participate in each age group (8 races in total = 32 children).


# Please bring two first aid kits with you (one for the supervising teacher and one for the teacher to take to their checkpoint on the course).     Thank you!