13th March, 2019

Boys Girls
1 2 Senior 4 X 50m relay
3 4 Junior 4 X 50m relay
5 6 All aged 100m freestyle
7 8 Junior 50m breaststroke
9 10 11 yrs 50m breaststroke
11 12 12/13yrs 50m breaststroke
13 14 8yrs 50m freestyle
15 16 9yrs 50m freestyle
17 18 10yrs 50m freestyle
19 20 11yrs 50m freestyle
21 22 12/13yrs 50m freestyle
23 24 Junior 50m backstroke
25 26 11yrs 50m backstroke
27 28 12/13yrs 50m backstroke
29 30 Junior butterfly
31 32 11yrs 50m butterfly
33 34 12/13yrs 50m butterfly
35 36 Junior 200m Individual Medley **
37 38 Senior 200m Individual Medley **
** Indicates a qualifying time is required to attend the Association Swimming Carnival.
Junior: 3.45.00 Boys 3.50.00 Girls
Senior: 3.20.00 boys 3.25.00 Girls
Carnival Rules
First call is at 9.35 am
50m Freestyle age race: 3 competitors per event
All other formstroke events(backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, medley and 100m freestyle) 2 competitors
All events will be timed finals
First three place getters in 50m freestyle will qualify for region
First two place getters in breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and relay will qualify for region. Other competitors may be entered in these races provided  competitors have met the qualifying standard.
Please note there is a qualifying time required for the 200m IM set by the region (this time will be announced prior to the event).
All protests must be submitted by the supervising team manager, who must be a teacher, to the swimming conveners within ten minutes of the event.
It is the responsibility of competitors to report to the marshalling area when their event is called.
All spectators must remain in their designated area and no coaching from the side of the pool is allowed.
No competitor shall enter in more than one age division except for All Age events ie:100m freestyle. This rule also applies to relays and IM Medley events.
Age Groups
8 years-born 20010 11 years-born 2007
9 years-born 2009 12 years-born 2006
10 years-born 2008 13 years-born 2005

SE  Carnival SOPAC Monday 20th March 2018